Every Child

Every Child

The Every Child initiative brings awareness and education around foster care in Oregon while recruiting highly committed foster parents to care for vulnerable children.

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Every Child needs safe, nurturing spaces to flourish.

Simply put, our goal is to change the way Oregonian’s think about DHS and the foster care system.

Every Child

Right now, there are thousands of children in our community in foster care, and we don’t have near enough homes to make sure Every Child is placed with the most strategic family.

Every Child

Every child tells stories of individuals in the community strengthening the foster care system.

We are convinced that if you knew more of the story, you’d get involved.

We know not everyone can become a foster parent, so that’s why we’ve created multiple on ramps to get involved in other ways. Whereas Embrace Oregon is focused in the tri-county area, Every Child is a statewide effort. DHS is only as strong as the community that comes alongside of it, and we are convinced that now is the time to encourage Oregonians to step forward in an unprecedented way.

Every Child needs you.

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