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Champions Academy

The Champions Academy is a powerful annual six-week summer academy where the yearlong investments from teachers, coaches, and mentors come together to create new accountability structures, successfully prepare (academically, socially, physically, and spiritually) student athletes for their next grade, and help graduating athletes make healthy post-high school transitions.

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The Champions Academy serves as a “pre-season” intervention to prepare student athletes for their upcoming academic “season.” Champions are invested in year round.

PLF knows how to develop leaders in the context of community.

PLF knows how to create shared experiences where relationships develop uniquely.

PLF knows how to create community of desire.

PLF knows how to develop student athletes to be champions for life and for the city.

Champions Academy Ethos

Building An Authoritative Community

Building champions requires a community commitment to excellence. The Champions Academy will create an authoritative community, which is a community committed to one another over time that models and passes on what it means to be a good person and live a good life.

Community Expectations

  • Coaches, Teachers, and Mentors are always treated with respect.
  • Teacher and coaches will work actively to honor the kinetic learning styles of athletes, and where appropriate, utilize movement in academic settings.
  • Champions will abide by the dress code (Champions Academy uniforms).
  • Champions will be on time.
  • Champions will be prepared.
  • Champions will not make excuses.
  • Champions will project their voice.
  • Champions will give perfect effort.
  • Champions will grow.
  • Champions will lead.

Every student will be referred to as a “Champ.” Champs will know one another in the community, and Champs will develop a greater understanding of what happens when community Champs unite across age, race, gender, and socio-economic divides so prevalent in our culture today.